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Solar Panels



Whether you have natural gas, propane, or a heat pump, That HVAC Guy can help. Heating is an integral part of the homes mechanical system.  From forced hot air, boiler or mini splits, heating the home is important to keep running efficiently. The weather in south eastern PA gets into the single digits and with the wind chill can feel even colder. Preventing break downs with inspections and regular maintenance is important to keep track. At That HVAC Guy understanding your heating system and how it works is our top priority. Helping to prevent breakdowns is something we specialize in. Knowing when to repair and when to recommend replacing is our job.


Our Services

Furnace Repair

Furnace Service and Cleaning

Coil Sanitation

High Efficiency Furnace

Whole House Humidifier

WiFi / Smartphone Thermostats

Heat Pumps

Thermostat Service

Filter Replacement

Ductless Mini Systems

Indoor Air Quality

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