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What makes our heating service in Philadelphia stands out compared to the rest? Our technicians are trained to handle every type of heating equipment there is! In addition to having in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of each particular brand, we’re also knowledgeable about how best to improve the heat distribution throughout your home. We can also aid in reducing the level of noise from your heating system, particularly in older furnace models.

With rising energy costs and the push for more energy efficiency, our heating service & heating repair in Philadelphia is designed to make sure that your heating equipment is working towards its full potential. When heating systems break down, it’s often due to inadequate maintenance or repairs performed by unlicensed technicians.


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Emergency Service

That HVAC & Plumbing Guy offers scheduled and emergency plumbing services – 7 days a week! Call or Text


Heating & Cooling

Whether it’s the hot summers or the frigid winters that cause you pain, we can get you back on track for year-round comfort. We offer complete heating services and cooling services for all your needs.

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Plumbing Services

While certain plumbing issues, such as a minor toilet clog, can be quickly addressed with do-it-yourself methods, most plumbing problems require the assistance of a professional. Most homes’ plumbing comprises a series of incredibly complex, interconnected systems that require the care and knowledge of an experienced plumber.

  • What is HVAC?
    HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is most often used to depict the whole heating and cooling system consisting of the duct work, air filters, humidification controls, and registers.
  • How do I know if I have an existing warranty on my system?
    Locate the label on the outer surface of the equipment for a manufacture date. If the equipment is less than five years old it may have a warranty, but also may not based on the model. Warranty terms and conditions change by manufacturer and the installing company. Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can verify the warranty status of your heating and cooling system via System Inspection.
  • Is sound an issue with my system?
    Yes. Heating and cooling that make a lot of noiseincrease sound pollution. Although no cost savings are tied to less sound in your home, the sound rating of a cooling system can have a serious effect on comfort and enjoyment of your North America home. The sound level of an air conditioner or heat pump depends on a number of things, such as the unit, and the degree to which the compressor is insulated can increase the amount of noise it makes. Although most heating and cooling systems manufactured today are quieter than ever before, it’s a safe idea to compare sound ratings when assessing a new air conditioner or heat pump, particularly if the equipment location is near bedrooms or living rooms.
  • What's causing my duct work pop when the furnace starts or stops?
    A popping disturbance is a typically sign of an under-sized duct design. It may have to do with greater air flow than the duct work can handle. Have a qualified company analyze your home’s ventilation system for proper design and make necessary recommendations. Improper duct work layout can cause a number of ventilation and air quality problems, including: excessive noise higher energy consumption lowered lifespan of the system uneven heating & cooling throughout your home damaged compressor in summer overheated unit in the cooler months In addition, if your ductwork is undersized you may have other concerns, such as leaky ducts and poor layout that impacts airflow. In humid climates this can cause mold growth within your ductwork.
  • Is it important to have regular maintenance?
    You probably wouldn’t get a brand-new car and assume to never have to inflate the tires, change the oil and examine any atypical noises. Your home comfort system is similar to your car’s engine; it’s a mechanical device with a motor, electrical components… and even fuel. So it is essential to have routine maintenance of your home comfort system by a qualified technician. If not maintained properly and routinely, even the best heating and air conditioning equipment could experience complications and become less ‘fuel’ efficient over time.
  • Why is my AC freezing up?
    There are an abundance of possibilities that can cause your HVAC system to freeze up; almost all of them usually need to be corrected by a professional technician. Determining the air filter is clean or replaced and making sure the airflow is not restricted are about the only tasks a homeowner should safely identify or handle themself. Low refrigerant: In some cases, freezing up is initiated by a leak in the refrigerant lines. Weak solder joints, friction from piping rubbing or vibrating against an object, leaking valves or loose fittings can cause leaks. The length of time your system has been installed and the nature and location of the leak are the determining factors on whether to have the system repaired or replaced. Dirty evaporator coil: Over time, the evaporator coil will become dirty. On these occasions, the results are similar to those of having a dirty filter. Gradually you will lose airflow, slowly enough that you probably would not realize it until it freezes up or is not cooling adequately. You will need to contact your local Service Experts sales and service center to remedy the problem. Defective blower motor or relay: A blower motor running at an improper speed or not running at all can cause freezing. It can also be sporadic, starting at full speed and slowing down after it heats up. Or a relay could cause it to start one time and not the next. In either case, you will need to contact us to correct the problem. Should you discover that your system was freezing due to a dirty air filter, after replacing or cleaning the filter, you can hasten the thawing process by turning the system off and then turning on only the fan. If you have a heat pump system, you can try turning the system to heating mode until the ice has melted. After the ice has melted, switch the system settings back to normal. If the system refreezes, contact us to solve the problem.
  • Should I install a Zoning System?
    If you are modifying your North America area home air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, it is the right time to also install a new zoning system to address hot and cold spots or special temperature preferences in the home. When your new comfort equipment is coordinated by a zoning system, your family benefits from customized temperature control in each zone. Zoning is also excellent for new homes since the system can be installed during construction. If you are investing in a new home, check with your builder about a zoning system. It could make the difference between just enjoying your new house and being truly comfortable in it.
  • How healthy is my indoor air?
    According to studies created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to air pollutants indoors can be 100 times higher than outdoors. Frequent dusting and vacuuming can help reduce the amount of dust and dust mites present in your home. However, not all airborne particles can be eliminated. Filtration devices can help eliminate particles that are too small to be caught by a vacuum. Some filtration devices include UV light units, air filters, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and electronic air cleaners. A Home Health Report Card from Service Experts will provide the information about which indoor air improvement devices are right for you. .

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Professional Care Handled Immediately

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. Whether you call us for a small plumbing repair service, regularly scheduled heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair, or a heating and cooling system installation, we want to be sure you are completely satisfied with the products and service we provide.

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